Rebranding and Takeovers! 1.31E1 (Motorsport Manager Balance Mod)

Rebranding and Takeovers! 1.31E1 (Motorsport Manager Balance Mod)

This is the first major overhaul feature implemented which dramatically changes the landscape of the sport each season. There is also a few incremental changed added during this update.

UPDATE 04/05/17: Updated the Experimental Assembly file to prevent the crash which occurs when you Create Your Own Team.

Rebranding and Takeovers.

Just before Prize Money is dished out, a number of Rebranding and TakeOvers will occur. Being more then £2M in debt will mean that the racing team folds and another team takes its place – potentially keeping a few elements from the previous team. The name and logos will update, and for all intents and purposes, this is considered a new venture for the team.   Other teams will be taken over too, and some will receive bonuses (such as additional money, or a potential increase in part performance) others will suffer some effects of the take over (such as a clear out of the current sponsors. firing one of the drivers or improving the car in some areas but making it worse in others).


NOTE 1: You will now need to install the “TheFlamingRed Workshop ImagePack here” from the workshop for the extra logos (otherwise they will appear as white, blank squares). Make sure to activate it, before loading your save or starting a new game.

NOTE 2: I originally changed the £-5M maximum debt down to only £-1M. GIven the new mechanics regarding re branding, this change as been reverted to vanilla behaviour.

NOTE 3: This is save game compatible (kinda). If you are using the default database, a new 51 teams are added to the asset file you are downloading. If you are using another database mod via the workshop, then these new teams will not appear. However, GT teams may decide to try their hand in Single Seater (and vice-versa).

Start Game Changes

On starting a new game, one of two things may happen.

  1. You will get a vanilla start (all the original teams in the original slots)
  2. The field will be completely randomised using all the teams in the teams.txt

If you are unhappy with one or the other, come out to the main menu and then start the career again (might need to repeat a couple of times as the Vanilla start vs Random start is generated on random at this moment).

Credit goes to ZoomTorch and Meiko for the logo current and up-and-coming artwork. Thanks to UglyPsycho and NexxusDrako who helped with the new / re-jigging text.  I’m happy to add more teams and logos once the artwork comes along.

Livery Changes

A small cosmetic change; At the end of the season, each team (which hasn’t been taken over) will update their livery.

Year 1:

Year 2:

Risk Penalty & Carry Over

Illegal Parts which are discovered by the GMA will no longer be Banished from your stock (you will still get the fine and the place demotion). You keep the part, and can try and sneak it back into your car in other races. However, in vanilla, the end of the season, the ‘risk’ is removed. This is no longer the case. Risk will stay on parts from one season to the other (preventing players from abusing the system on making Risky Parts for next year’s car but never using them.

This is part of a planned larger overhaul on part components.

Interview Tweaks

The interviews have been rebalanced , making most responses be beneficial in one area at the expense of another. A number of conditional responses have also been added. The previous QUESTION SET 5 (the silly season questions) has been merged with QUESTION SET 4 for now, bringing the interviews back to 4 questions.

Credit goes to UglyPsycho for editing a large quantity of vanilla questions and balancing them.

This is probably not the last time we expand these interviews, as we have many plans which we have not yet been able to develop (e.g., in vanilla, there is a ‘RacesUntilEndOfSeason’ variable which can be used to trigger interviews during the season – however the variable doesn’t work. so any interview question with that will not trigger. This is why the silly season question set has had to be merged completely with the previous set – as my desire to have them only occur during the second half of the season is not currently working). While this is an area we intend to work on again, we have a number of other avenues to mod which we wish to develop first. That said, we are always looking for more interview writers to join the team. 

Download the EXPERIMENTAL FILES below.

Note: This is a fresh release and not tested much at all. Use the current version with the knowledge that issues may arise. Please report any issues you find.

Assets (Experimental) Assembly (Experimental)


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