Not Created Equal  2


This is the “Proof of Concept” version of my desired Not Created Equal mod series. It’s got less features then NCE1, but it’s a lot more streamlined. Basically, this is an APP that let’s you very quickly fine tune each cars’ performance individually. So if you’re in Season 5 of Career mode and the Manor you love is slowly falling down the field, you can give your car a new boost using this mod.

​Each team can be customized to have a set performance (between 0.5 and 5 stars). You can make the Mercedes worse then a Manor, or a Renault being the best car on the grid! Any team can become a front runner.

Each star increases/reduces the cars base Chassis Mass, Downforce and Drag. Each car will still have its own charactersitcs (i.e. Redbull will always have better downforce compared to the other attributes of the car).

You can decide entierly which teams have which level of car. This can be based off your own preference or ideas. Or you may wish to tie it into a game mechanic (i.e., if you beat your team’s expected position, increase your car performance by a star or half star next season). Or roll a dice, play the career however you like.

​Got a mod with your faviourite skin? Put that car’s ERP in this App’s installation folder (replacing the vanilla ERP) and it will get imported into the game along with your new performance settings.

​This version of Not Created Equal 2 might currently be nothing more then a quick “make a car go faster” utility – but don’t underestimate the potential of this. This mod was created over two long evenings only, and it can get quite sophisticated quite quickly.

It’s very easy to add some ‘random variation” to the stars for each team (so one year a 3* Mclaren may be worse slightly, other years it maybe quicker). It’s very easy to modify other stats, and fine tune stats individually. It woudln’t be too hard to add ‘unreliability’ to a car (and then use the app to ‘reroll’ the chances when you break down in a race, hoping next time will be better).

It would be very easy to add a ‘upgrade’ system to the app, and a resource, so you can develop you car within the app instead of the base game (where the experience can be fine tuned, or deeper). Resources could be added, graphics, etc etc – this app could be a mini-management game, controlling all kinds of settings for your career’s car – to use within f1 2016.

Development Story

The successor to the Not Created Equal mod released in the autumn of 2016 for Codemasters F1 2016 game.

The previous mod enabled users to select their individual car performance by sorting through a set of pre-made files.This allowed users to customise their careers, alloweing changes in the performance of their car and the AI external to the games in built, and somewhat flawed, research and upgrade system. The initial release of the mod saw over 900 users extend their life of their ‘f1 careers’ with these new features, but not without some drawbacks. The mod consisted of 10 pre-packaged performance files for all 11 cars. However, to customly select 11 files from the 110 available and move them in and out of the install directory was cumbersome, with a not so user friendly experience.

Not Created Equal 2 was a concept which was thought up soon after the predecesors release, but due to other commitments didn’t see much progress until a very active weekend in March 2017. Instead of presenting files in a set of folders, an App was created which would allow a user to easily customise their, and the AI’s cars performance by simply left and right clicking a set of ‘performance stars’ to decrease and increase their base pace. The app would then insert these performance files into the game files, and transfer them to the default game directory – a far more user friendly expereince then the original mod, and has over 800 downloads in it’s first month. The mod also is fully compatable with custom car skins provided from many other mods, inserting the performance file over the these re-skins.

Many more features are planned for the mod, but the project is once again on hold as due to commitments to other projects. The wish list is quite extensive:

  • Create a quicker import option for performance files.
  • Allow finer control of the parameters of the performance for each team.
  • Add control of parameters of variables which will cause car failures.
  • Create a ‘race-performance based minigame which lets you upgrade your car in a variety of ways using some resource. Effectively, creating a mini-management game pertaining to greater control of the car’s development.

Special Thanks

Much thanks has to go to Ryder25, the creator of the archiver used within this mod to extract and install the custom performance files. He worked hard eliminating a number of bugs which arose during conversion.

Thanks also has to go to Kine and Menos Ott for their contributions to the graphics of the mod (as I am not in any way a graphics artist). They have made the app look good and user friendly.