Motorsport Manager v1.4 Patch

Motorsport Manager v1.4 Patch

Anyone reading this hoping to have a download to a completed version of the Balance Mod for 1.4 will be out of luck. I’m just making a quick post regarding the Developer’s Patch that came out today. As I plan on re-writing the mod from the ground up, expect the turn around to be quite slow on this one – espeically with the first bit of news below. 


(1). Major Crashes With Custom Models.

While todays patch bought many improvements to the game, it seems to cause any custom model imported into the game to crash when they go off road (running wide or corner cutting). This is quite a large issue as there are dozens of models which have been made for the game, and several large real-world mods which have had custom cars designed for.

Given the severity of this crash, I expect a hot-fix or two to make their way through steam soon. So it is expected that this will delay this particular mod (there’s little point working hard on it only to have to start again with the hot-fixes). Hopefully this will be sorted soon, as the Devs are already aware of the issue.

Edit 22/08/2017: They’ve seemed to have fixed this issue with a new beta-branch patch (found here: I’ll start modding when the patch is out of the beta branch (as more fixes might get inserted in between) then I’ll begin crafting the mod.

Edit 23/08/2017: That beta has been pushed to main so the main game is at 1.41


(2) Better AI?

I’m quite impressed with the AI this update. Those playing the vanilla game while waiting for mods to be ready, do yourselves a favor and turn on “Realistic AI”. Feel free to let me know what you think of the Balance of this option!

In short, with this setting, I can’t win ERS with Archer in Year. 1 anymore – which means Either I’ve got a HUGE amount worse or they’ve got the AI to be quite a bit better. In the case of the latter, for the first time I’m thinking that I can really tone down the gaps between the cars – which will be great. It means that I’ll be making less of a balance mod and can concentrate on new features (of which I have a few planned).

(3)  A Little Something

For those who want a little more difficulty while waiting for the mod, here’s a temporary little Assembly with the following tweaks.

Testing (Temp file)

Edit. This is now been updated for 1.41. If you downloaded it before 23/08/2017 then you should redownload.

It includes:

  • Speed and Zoom tweaks (mainly for my testing) But be sure that ‘Enhanced Camera’ option is turned off in the game settings, else you’ll probably be zoomed through the floor.
  • MINIMAL PRACTICE FEEDBACK! This file has removed the smiley faces and words containing setup feedback. The Overall % is at the bottom.

I always disliked the Perfectionist Approach to Practice and setting up the car – it became very algorithmic, as in time you could accurately get 3 Purple Faces without any thought – while the AI were not so clever.

Meanwhile, the two mobile games of this title didn’t go the simplistic route! Instead making you test which setup was faster – and seeing the results in the timing sheets, which is a far more immersive approach to the start of a race weekend (and harder)!

Now the PC version is more complex, but they also give you a nice Green Bar so you are never too ‘wrong’. And drivers will give you radio feedback on how the current setup is! So in short, the Smily faces are going and you’ll have a reason to look at some data in practive now! (and you should, those new graphs are lovely)

  •  [For now, I have left the Excellent rating unchanged (So you know when it’s spot on in an area). I’m interested in a few testers to see how they do responding to driver feedback (and green bar) alone – and how they find changing setups based on that. I am considering removing either the % or the Excellent (or both) in the future, but this is a good starting point for tests]

(4) The Future.

Assuming that the hot-fixes appear soon, I’ll be starting up a little Development Journal of the new mod here – where you can keep updated on the plans for 1.4.

Given that the AI is a little better, a number of changes will be obsoleted (and thus, Deleted!) from 1.31 version, many things will be tweaked and a few new areas need to be overhauled at (I’m looking at your Part Trimming with your -5% Reliability for +15 Performance Points!).

Until then, take care!



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