Motorsport Manager Balance Mod v1.31d Out Now

Motorsport Manager Balance Mod v1.31d Out Now

This version has some bug fixes over the previous versions, mostly interview questions which would trigger a crash if the player got a 1-2 in the race.

New Experimental Features:

Part 3 now contains an experimental DLL with the following features.

Driver Stats Means More:


  • Reduced the ‘points towards lockups/Spins/Crash’ when attacking / defending (which massively increases the chances of a lockup by default).
  • Decreased tyre lock up wear is lock ups occur. (Boosted original value up).
  • Needs testing


  • This is now a defending stat. I’ll try to remember to change the Frontend Entry to say as much.


  • Added an additional tyre wear pernalty/perk for smoothness.
  • Am considering reversing this for “component condition loss rate” (have now added this is…. considering removing the tyre wear thing). I feel smoothness is now overkill.


  • Increased the Potency of both the overtake and defending stats so theyre really damned important.


  • Added a random elemente to laptime, and is removed per point of consistancy.


  • Is now faster the more rain is on track


  • Effects the lock up chances during the final 30% of the races.
  • Already increased in current version. increased its effect.
  • Added effect that dirvers with bad fitness are also slower during the final 30% of the race.


  • Used to increase knowledge quicker.
  • Unchanged


  • Effects the lock up chances during the entire races.
  • Increased already in the mod, unchanged

More Important Mechanic Stats


  • Already the stat people look at most along with reliability


  • Already the stat people look at the most along with performance.

Pitstop (speed of it)

  • In vanilla, this goes between 0 and 2s. (with a plus 0-4 based on pit strategy)
  • This has been increased to 0-3! This is also multiplied up when choosing Balanced or safe strategy so worse case scenario is (Safe = 11s, Balanced = 7s, Fast = 3s) while the best is (2s,1s,0s)… So this stat now really matters! (subject to balancing).

Concentration (risk %)

  • In vanilla, the pit stop strategy has a base (safe 0%, Balanced 10%, Fast 25%) + the mechanics stat here (10-0%)
  • This has been doubled to 20%-0% for safe, 40-0 for balanced, and 60-0 for fast (and the base % lowered to 0, 5, 10% respectively)

Speed (actually Chemistry) (driver relationship modifier)… You can tell these stats had other purposes.

  • Set this so that the maximum gain each race now falls between 0% and 5% based off of this stat (and race performance).
  • This is still under powered but there’s a future feature I want to reserve this for!

Leadership (actually Part Repair)

  • In vanilla this…. I don’t really know what this did…. Check your repair times with a 1 vs 10 mechanic and I don’t know if you’ll see any difference. The dll talks about a 5%-10% something…. but I really don’t see what its referring to at all. It certainly isn’t time (is it amount of repair? do they not get put to max?)
  • For the time being then. I’ve just added an extra 0-10s part repair based on the stat (I’ll balance it later unless I can work out what on earth it was doing originally)

Variable Collision Outcomes

Instead of a set part always being reduced to 0% Reliability, the number of possible outcomes has been increased and randomised.

  • Damage can now happen to the
    • Front Wing
    • Rear Wing
    • Suspension
  • Tyres can be punctured.
  • Collision has no impact to one or both cars (but penalties may still be given).

Give it a test, and let me know how the new features play out for you!

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