Mod 1.4x Development: Part 4

Mod 1.4x Development: Part 4


In the past, I changed how Overall Marketability was calculated by having it based on Car Position in the championship. I’ve decided to abandon that feature in favor of trying out something else.

After each race, a driver’s marketability will change slightly based on their finishing positions. Successful drivers who are winning and challenging for a win should see their marketability increase steadily, while those who are not doing will have theirs decreased.

With the Marketability of a driver no longer static, I am hoping that you cannot just take a 100% marketability driver and forever revel in high sponsors if you’re not getting the results. In the contra-positive, if you’re a good team, you should be able to slowly build up someone who is not very marketable into quite a market force by consistently good performances.  Long term effects are a little in the air at this stage, so I hope to refine the system with feedback from many testers when the mod gets released.

Driver Experience

Did you know there was an experience stat for drivers in this game? No? Well, neither did I. It is a number to input when modding the driver database, but it actually does nothing in the game. That’s now changed.

Drivers who are ‘not experienced’ (0-99%) will be slower then those who are ‘experienced’ (100%) even if all the other driver stats are identical. Upon completing a race, a driver increases their experience stat, so the more races they are involved in, the more experienced they become and the ‘Time lost’ through inexperience is reduced. Once a driver reaches 100% experience, they behave just like they do in vanilla – and the experience stat is no longer relevant.

Note: This is a Hidden Stat. You can’t check a persons experience level. You can only look at their career history and estimate how experienced they are. Also, the amount of races needed to become fully experienced is somewhat random as each driver will adjust to professional racing better then others. It could take a matter of 10 races if they’re quick at adjusting, or 30 races if they’re particularly inexperienced.

What this does, is make experienced racers more important and worth their hefty price tags. On the other hand, it does make the cheaper, newly generated drivers a bit more of a liability – and more nurturing will be needed to bring them to their potential. This adds a further element of complexity when determining who your drivers will be.

This is another new feature which might have additional elements added and re-balancing during testing.

Colours Everywhere!

This is just a small  modification by Falko (which you may know from the ICE and FIRE mod series) which enables the custom colour picker (used when selecting your own team) to be used when you are editing the livery for any team you are in charge of. Really small thing, but the customisbility is really quite nice. Thanks Falko!

Risky Part Overhaul

– Getting caught with risky parts no longer bans the part.

– Parts with any risk will have the risk carry over to the new season.

– On a Risky part being discovered in scrutineering, the part lose 1 level of risk, and will have -20 to -100 performance loss and -20% to -50% reliability in an attempt to ‘make the part conform to rules’. The max performance and max reliability is not impacted, so with time, these parts can be bought back up to their previous stats.

This should encourage users to consider risky parts a bit more into their strategy, rather then just being a “I’m getting this ready to use next season when the risk falls off” part.

Weight Stripping Special! Part 1!

My contribution to weight stripping!

I decided to put my money where my mouth was in a steam thread where I claimed that the original intention was to have Weight Stripping be a thing at the end of the season and not at the beginning of the season.

So, I’ve disabled weight stripping for the first 60% of the season. The UI box no longer appears before then, nor will the AI attempt to use it either.

This means that just over the half way mark of the season, the feature will suddenly appear. This should cause players to undergo a paradigm shift in the way they develop and improve their car for any particular race.

Weight Stripping Special! Part 2!

Max Reliability has been changed. In the vanilla game, this was set to 100% and never changed, when in fact, the system can easily copy with having any maximum reliability. Be that 10%, 70% or 1020%.

As such, the base Maximum Reliability for all newly design parts will be 70% (a figure associated to be an ‘acceptable’ amount for a car to finish a race, if you look after it).

However, this 70% will alter depending upon the Improvability Star Value of the cars specific Chassis! This means that this base Max Reliability may be slightly above or below 70% (and fits in with the variability in Initial Reliability, Redzone and initial Performance of new parts as part of the Chassis Adjustments seen in previous versions of the mod).

An odd choice, you might think? But this system change is to accompany the next main overhaul seen below.

Weight Stripping Special! Part 3! & General Car Part Improvements

Courtesy of Brian (who you may know from the Endurance Mod Series), the Slot Components when designing a new part have been massively increased. Included are well over 100 newly made slots to choose from, of which a portion will increase, or decrease the Maximum Reliability, and thus, how much you can get out of the car during weight stripping!

The best part is, the AI will utilize this too. So some cars you are against will have 150% Maximum reliability, which can be stripped all the way down to 65% resulting in unprecedented performance gains for those last few races. However, maximum reliability is reset to 70%(ish) for the next season, so these powerful parts are designed specifically to make that final push for a title at the end of a season.

It leads to really interesting choices, especially on how you utilise your factory to improve parts, and how you generally use your money to balance making parts for use this season or to look at the next. Different AI will use different strategies too, so things are really not clear cut either decision you make.

Actually, this file stretches outside the scope of weight stripping as it adds so many new options and choices that will really allow a player to diversify their strategies when deciding how to design their car in general. It is one of my favorite additions to the game. Thanks Brian!

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