Mod 1.4x Development: Part 3

Another couple of weeks, I’m still developing new concepts rather then making a release at this stage. I’ve consolidated a lot of the features present in 1.3 so that I can update the mod extremely quickly when the time comes, and react to patches within days, rather then weeks. Thanks for your patience. Time has been spent refining the following features, two quite small, one quite large.

Rebranding Tweaks

  • Added a further 14 teams to be added to the rebranding rotation (thanks to Meiko for team names and artwork here).
  • Added a custom teams_colour.txt and adjusted primary, secondary and tertiary colours (where applicable) of the cars to be based on the colours used in the logo. This should make rebranded cars appear a bit more unique and prevent duplication of colours in the AI (where as in the past, rebranded cars used colours from the vanilla teams).

Jump Starts

  • Added a small chance for a car to jump the start. This results in them moving before other cars and moving off the line slightly faster. The car will be under investigation and a penalty will may or may not be given (akin to the other penalty system).
  • The chances of it happening are not currently connected to a stat, but it might before release.

The Suppliers

I always felt that the way the Chassis Suppliers were very static. So in quite a large overhaul, the Part Suppliers are getting a makeover! It should be noted that Chassis Stars (stats) will be effecting what they used to in 1.3 (so the bonuses of Red Zone, Reliability Performance etc still exist).

  • Greatly increases the base number of Suppliers for the chassis components for the purpose of the other features. Logos are being produced by an artist (Thanks Zoom!). More artists are welcome to join the project.
  • Each year, some suppliers will join the sport, and other suppliers will leave. This can force the player to change their strategies regarding their chassis choices year on year.
  • Linked the player’s Loyalty stat to the supplier’s ‘Will Not Sell To’ state to make that aspect of the game more dynamic. I.e., If you have a low loyalty stat, better suppliers will not wish to sell to you (making the game harder if you have low loyalty).
  • Linked the player’s Financial Stat to the ‘Discount and Discount amounts’ to make that aspect of the game more dynamic. I.e., With a high financial stat, some of the really expensive chassis suppliers will begin offering you large discounts

Overall, it should add some Dynamic to the car-design system to stop it being identical year on year. In time, I would like to add more complexity to this system, such as choosing chassis suppliers for a long term deals (causing all other suppliers to ‘will not sell’) and discounts to be based on decisions made in dilemmas or sponsors. However, the above is probably a useful. simplistic starting point to build upon.

The Future

  • I’ve probably got about two more Development posts to make on planned features. One focusing on Weight Stripping and one Focusing on Difficulty.
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