Mod 1.41 Development: Part 1

Edit. 1.42 is on the horizon. So progress is halted until that appears, as I’ll have to re-do all the changes below yet again


Given that SingleSeaterDesignData.txt and GTDesignData.txt are now available in the workshop, chances are that I’ll be making a few different versions of these files for users to choose their own in-race difficulty. The AI is vastly improved with this patch, so I antisipate that I can reduce the 1-20th spread of pace to allow closer racing, while still maintaining the core delement that ‘you won’t be able to take a poor car to win the championship without long term improvement’.

There’s going to be different flavors with different behaviors. One file can make the racing seem closer – leading to more exciting races, but may let you outperform your car more then my versions in the past.

Another might spread the gaps, ensuring you cannot outperform your car as much, but may make the race results a little more standardized – but you won’t get any cheap wins so every position earned is really earned.

There will be some consistences (i.e., Softest tyre spam will not be optimal alll the time, setup changes will take longer then 4 seconds), but the flavor of most of the races will be upto the user.

Moreover, it will be fine to use other’s DesignData’s such as Brian’s Endurance Changes (which means that I can separate his awesome Endurance setting from my mod, and return the short races back to my default file – while leaving users to freely add his alterations).

In short, I hope this opens up the mod to a lot of people who wish to experience most of the new features of the mod but also don’t want the large gaps which I was forced to make in the past.

Change of Name

While I initially made this mod to really bring the difficulty of the game up to a challenging standard (and though that is still the goal) – a lot more features have, and will continue to be added to the mod. It isn’t just a balance mod anymore – it’s a little something more. So I’m thinking about new names for the mod.

Major changes regarding documentation:

As I can now copy and paste entire sections of code with DNSpy, I’ll be releasing my entire edits of dll changes in their own text documents. This might let people see what I’ve edited and let them revert some changes they don’t like if they understand DNSpy at all (and what the code does).

The minor features

Today was just a simple run through of simple small addons which just add flavor to the season and don’t really make any major changes.

  • AIBlugFlagBehaviour
    Still setting the time gap to 0.5s behind the to-be-lapped car before the blue flag kicks in. This is Hudson’s recommendation from ages ago, and I think it still feels more natural.
  • AIRacingBehaviour
    Decrease minimum comfort gap from 0.5s to 0.2s. Another Hudson adjustment which still feels right.
  • AISafetyCarBehaviour
    Set this to be random of 1-4 laps as previous for variety. Cleaned up the code.
  • CarConditionPerformance
    Set the number on condition loss tics between 8 and 12 to vary the impacts of condition loss each race and keep ya’ll on ya toes. Cleaned up the code.
  • CarPartCondition
    – Set total random failures (freak failures) to occur with a low probability. Nothing you as a player can do about it, but overcome the adversity. Will happen to AI too.
    – Set additional condition loss of components based on a driver’s SMOOTHNESS stat (as part of the Driver Stat Overhaul. You’ll notice you have to conserve your reliability more with less smooth drivers then you would otherwise. This is a consideration to make, especially when thinking about how much reliability to trim for these drivers. (this effect has been toned down from the 1.31 version)
    – Reduced Nurse and Engine Expert to 75% (from 50%) condition loss effects when active, as they were too overpowered in previous versions, let alone with the ability to further weight strip!
  • CrashDirector
    – Increased the probability of multi-crashes to occur (Though this might need to be toned down depending how the new crash determination system works)
    – Increased the possible time the VSC is out.
  • GameStatConstants
    – Removed the tiny amount of Chassis Stars gained based on the Tier you’re in.
    – When promoted, you only get 80% performance of the halfway point between the 9th and 8th best car to make staying up your first year or two more of a challenge.
    – Increased the Days Recovered From Sitting Out for injured drivers from 2 to 7.
    – Increased time to fix the car between races from 12h-72h to 48h-1w.
    – Increased the chances to retire if you hit 0 Condition on the non-aero parts.
    – Increase the number of tweets you see during a race weekend.
    Few notes here: (1) No longer will the player not be allowed to go  -1M debt and can now revert to being 5M in debt. (2) The Chassis system is going over a complete overhaul – so relevant stats will be altered here later. (3). I removed the extra costs from some of the rule choices. Even with the previous increase in costs, it made no real difference to anything and cost re-balance may happen in other ways in the future. (4) Scrutineering has been left alone from vanilla due to new Scrutineering mechanics.
  • GameTimer
    Increased Game Speeds as mentioned in other places
  • FreeRoamCamera
    Better Zoom and Pan. (enhanced camera option still destroys this but that tolerable at any point).
  • PoliticalSystem
    Randomised the number of votes per season to 3-8
  • ScoutingManager
    Reduced default scouting slots from 3 to 1 (for more gradual driver information gathering / making the Scouting Center more appealing to build).
  • RaceDirector
    – Increased Yellow Flag duration.
    – Readded my ‘More varierty on what gets damaged during a collision’ system as it worked well (also added suspension damage in place from Front Wing for GT cars – as they have no front wing – in some cases).

A new one on this point. They’ve changed how collisions worked. If your car part is less then 20% then your collision part dies. Otherwise, it just drops between 10-20%. I don’t know if I like that it just reduces it all the time, so I’ve added:

  • Car
    Adjusted so that 50% of the time during a collision will destroy the part. On other occasions it will just reduce to 10-20% as per the new system. I like unpredictability.

Oh, and Spins have made a return.

Interestingly, the devs altered a couple of the parameters of the spins. Surprised they didn’t come as an extra in the update!

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