MM Wishlist

This entire section needs to be rewritten for the 1.4x launch. Such a large portion (though not all due to limitations and time constraints) of my personal wishlist has been achieved (at least at the basic level), that I really need to take a few weeks and consider what future ‘projects’ I should dedicate resources to.



Needless to say, driver and mechanic stats impact is going first. It’s a lot of small insertions but an easy set to manage and maintain now. Want to get this done for an experimental build this week.

Now incorporated in the 1.31D1 build. Feedback on this seeked to fine tune balancing. Otherwise, completed. Considering looking at Designer’s stats once again (currently just has vanilla effect x3).

In another thread we’re taking about getting 12 teams working. If we can get it working a tiny bit better, I’d like to add it to the mod (so long as the game is still okay running ten teams formworkshop mods).

Currently being investigated. Can currently get WMC working (with 3x big drawbacks), using the following set of files.

WMC 12 Teams Bundle

However, using the following set of files, we get a crash as we advance from day 1 to 2. No idea where the bug is yet. Looking for people to analyse and test the files to aid in debugging.

Texts  Dll

Make Chassis stats mean more.

Can possibly add Max Reliability. Looking for new avenues for making the choices more important.

Adding new season rules.

Not yet started

Edit the teams livery, colours, logo and renaming – effectively re-branding a team.  is something I’ll do slowly, as I expect it’ll be a lot of work to get doing.

Have successfuly changed Colours, Livery, Logos and Team Names in partial tests. This is indeed a feature that may be possible with a lot more work!

Will need people to create a ‘fantasty’ set of logos for me!

More Designer components is something which me and Brian have began some work on in components.txt. And has joined Dilemmas, interviews, and personality traits in the ongoing improvement section. More over, interviews and dilemmas can probably have their ‘pool of outcomes’ expanded to include any stat change, and a mass of other features.

Ongoing. Check our Discord channel for information.

More Engineer Perks is something I’d love to work on in the short term too! Suggestions anyone!

Not Yet Started

I do wonder if we can get mechanic and engineering scouting to be a thing, another ongoing thing to slowly build.

Not Started Yet

Pre season testing having more effect seems like a nice choice! Wonder what exactly I could add here though. Suggestions.

Not Started Yet

Adding in Changes to car appearance (by changing the model) is also something I wish to include and Chris has agreed to set me up with some models) thanks Chris. I don’t know how I may best implement these, maybe a rule change, maybe based on player age and a defined path, maybe based on some sort of statistic. Several options but also limitations to consider here.

Currently aiding Chris in ICE H, which uses the ‘change model each season’ system. Once some models are collated, can begin implementing a variation of this system in the mod. (Instead of making models change each year, we can relate it to supplier choices / rules)

Car set-up affecting race performance (as in, more down force, slower in straight line, more corner speed) is an interesting idea, with elements in the frontend.txt that it was planned by the devs once upon a time. Will have to see if it’s at all feasible.

Not Started Yet

More keybindings should hopefully be doable. Alas, it will probably not the the first thing I try to do in my excited phase but I am sure I’ll be able to do this.

Not Started Yet

I don’t know about additional pre-season test days, I mean, at the moment the tests don’t do much in themselves, so having more then one doesn’t seem worth while in its current state.

Not Considered Yet

In terms of time before first race increased. There is remnants of a mechanic about ‘time to develop next years car’ starting earlier is better…. it was removed but maybe I can reintroduce it.

I can’t see much of the old system, but we came up with a ‘Next Year Component Parts’ idea which simulates the concept of ‘beginning to build next year parts’ in that they are more powerful then all other components, but cannot be used in the current season. Not actually tested yet.

Plan on making the result of collisions more dynamic, as stated in the ‘dnSpy’ post, including punctures, and multipart failures, and maybe more sever effects of collision with spun cars such as retirements (making first laps pile ups devastating!) (maybe).

  • Added multiple collision scenarios.
  • Not yet increased the severity of pileups.

Add some dynamics to the Part Suppliers, such as changes in willingness to supply teams and discount amounts, and will not sell to. Possibly further adjust what these stats do

  • Managed to get the Part Suppliers to be ‘reloaded from database’ instead of taking the values from the save file. This will allow easier manipulation of the data values from the suppliers.
  • Body of the work not yet started.

Building level decay if certain conditions are not met! (to prevent max buildings built by the player!)

Not Started Yet

Maybe an overhaul on how Part numbers are carried over from one season to another, for example, maybe an ENGINE stat is reset each season depending on your engine supplier! (And maybe only 10% of last seasons stats carry over) And you have to rebuild from there.

Not Started Yet

Add to the commentary section to keep you apprised of race events (such as slow AI pitstops, etc). Useful to keep an eye on in case it’s a rival

Not Started Yet

Adding additional tiers to the system!

Not Started Yet

Altering sponsors and bringing in a Main sponsor (larger then others – may only be negotiated during pre-season dilemmas and last the whole season!).

Work began by Psycho. No dll releated work started yet.

Tonnes of more and frequent dilemmas.


Better interviews


Overhaul the Risk System

Most people don’t use risky parts. Tested some changes.

  • Added new levels (up from three) to risk levels.
  • Removed the part being banned.
  • Removed the ability for risk to be reset at the end of the season.
  • Can increase/decrease Risk/stats of the parts which are found to brake the rules.