MM Rebirth Mod

IMPORTANT DEV NOTE: This build has a number of brand new features – we’ve squished obvious bugs, but deeper bugs may still exist. Save often, (especially after the last race of a season), and report anything which could be considered a bug. I suggest not starting a ‘serious’ save at this point.


Rebuilt from the ground up, the balance mod of old returns with more features then ever before.
Sometimes, you have to burn down before you can rise like a phoenix.

A Motorsport Manager Mod by The Flaming Red

Download Links: (1.53B – beta)

Download Assembly  Download Assets

You will also need the logo file from the workshop here:
Rebirth: Logo Pack

Requires ALL DLC
Requires Version 1.53 of the game

  • New Game+ Edition:
    • Each series has some adjustments to their starting ruleset – with the exception of Endurance Series who already have quite a unique rule set. (e.g., APSC has timed races).
    • Has a total of 62 teams, but not all the series have an equal number. E.g., WMC has 12, while ERS and APSC both have 9.
  • Phoenix Edition:
    • Has the new rulesets from the New Game+ Edition.
    • Has 72 teams, 12 in each series. The new teams are randomised via Rebranding.

This mod should be compatible with all workshop mods. (some features will be removed if the mod you’re using is not set up to handle these features).


  • Brian
    • Main Modder for Personalty traits (including Media Reports for them), Part component and Design data – He’s spent more hours looking at spreadsheets then I have now, and so many of the personality traits he adds are so organic, I have to check what was vanilla and what was created. He has an ‘Hardcore’ version of the Design Data which has even longer endurance modes. Check it out!
  • Zoomtorch
    • Designed at least 50 Team Logos used for rebranding. Many of these are so good I get confused between what was added and what was in the vanilla game sometimes.
  • Meiko
    • Designed just over a dozen Team Logos used for rebranding. These are excellent! Seriously, I actively look for Chameleon MRT to join, as they have my favorite logo thus far.
  • Bey
    • Designed all but 1 of the supplier logos, all of which are excellent. It is a shame they only appear once per year. Some are references to things we all know, but others are lore friendly enough that they could easily be added into the vanilla game.
  • NexxusDrako
    • Created custom texts for Rebranding. They blend in pretty well with all the vanilla emails. He’s another mod creator with a couple of workshop mods. Check them out.
  • Ugly Psycho
    • Responsible for a huge amount of Interview Tweaks – specifically balancing the responses to have both negative and positive effects, so that Interviews act as a ‘balancing mechanic’ – so a way to suck upto your boss if you’re struggling in an attempt to keep your job, but will make the drivers unhappy in doing so. This new update bought a bunch of new interview questions which we’ve not yet even started on (as such, there is a lot of bugs in  our Interviews for 1.5 – which I’m hoping we can get cleaned up over the next few weeks).
  • Falko
    • Code for Livery colour selector. This is a very nice little snippet of code shared to me by Falko which I am sure many of you will appreciate when its time to make next years livery. You’ll know him from lots of Livery mods and the Fire / Ice projects – as well as a driver in the game. You should check out his workshop if you haven’t already. 
  • Chris
    • – Setting up the 72 team database. When 12 became supported in 1.5, Chris and Palmer went to work deriving which databases needed editing to allow for 72 teams. Chris was the first one to get such a template working, and is the base of the Phoenix Mod. You’ll all know Chris from the 50,000 different models available on the workshop as well as the Fire / Ice mod.
  • Mr Random
    • A fellow mathematician responsible for Aerodynamic Setup Tweaks, allowing Aerodynamics to now have an optimal zone on the Right Hand Side of the bar. He’s also someone I can decypher code logic together when additional brain power is needed. He’s responsible for updating many of the staff randomisers, and used them to Set up the 10 new teams databases with lore friendly staff. Check out his Random Starts mod in the workshop if you wish to randomness a number of things when starting a new game.
  • Cal
    • For so much testing – he gets a special mention because he has tested so much of the game rigorously for the last couple of weeks during alpha development. Many bugs wouldn’t have been caught without him.
  • LordPrimate
    • Tweaks to Race Engine. Its an area I don’t tend to mod directly much, but this his his main focus so I think I’ve borrowed snippets of his code to add a few things to the race engine. He’s pretty new to modding Motorsport Manager so he’s going to be one to look out for over the next few weeks and months.
  • Hudson
    • Tweaks to Race Engine & teaching me how to OpCode. Not seen him for a long while now, but none of these mods would have been possible without his help in the initial stages of this mods development. There are still a few tweaks he made back in 1.1 which I still keep today – so I hope he comes back and begins modding the game again one day!
  • And many many testers and some others who have added small things to the mod! I couldn’t have asked for a cooler group of people to collaborate with!