Hot Fix — 1.51B3


Assembly Update Only. You only need to Download the Assembly to update

  • Fixed a bug where discovered risky parts didn’t drop performance or reliability.
  • Altered Rebrand on start: No longer will a full rebranding process happen on the start of the game. Instead, if using 72 teams, the 10 new teams will be randomised only. If using 62 teams, then 10 random teams (from vanilla) will be rebranded, This is done just to spice up the starts a little
  • Fixed a bug which allowed a team to rebrand into the same team name as one already in that series.
  • Added Double Promotions / Demotions.
    • Added a 25% chance that a second team will promote randomly (2nd Position)
    • Added a 25% chance that a second team will demote randomly (Last but one Position)
    • This will only occur if there is room in the tiers for this to happen (i.e., cannot happen in Phoenix Edition because there is 72 teams an all series are saturated…. Except Endurance, as its fine to move teams up and down there)
    • This will only occur if Promotion is accepted by the championship winner.
    • The player cannot influence the decision.
    • This is to replace the ‘complete removal or addition’ of teams during rebranding. This method is far safer because (1) no teams are fully removed and (2) it is just an extention of vanilla promotions / demotions.
      • Note: This Email notification still says ADD and REMOVE from the old feature – as these are yet to be rewritten.

Download from the main mod page.

MM Rebirth Mod

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