Hot Fix – 1.51b

Announcement: As noted on the mod page, there is a feature (Rebranding: Adding and Removing teams) which I felt was likely to break the game. A tester managed to achieve it.

It’s quite sever but luckily, we’ve caught it early. It’s a latent issue only seen after completing a few seasons (it randomly occurs – none of the alpha testers encountered it). This is sometimes the consequence of pushing the boundaries.

I’ve released v1.51b version of the mod, which prevents any adding / removing of the teams from the championships. This feature is on hold until we track down the issue (could take a while)

I ‘STRONGLY RECOMMEND’ redownloading the mod and restarting (seeing as we’re about 12 hours into the mod’s release). You may wish to try and continue your games, and hopefully you won’t encounter the error – but I don’t recommend that

Get the update in the Rebirth Menu on the website.

I have work the next couple of days, which should give me time to ‘have a think’. But its likely that I may not be able to include the ‘remove / add’ team features – but I have an alternative feature to put in its place (not quite as good, but still decent). I’ll update you early next week,

Still consider this first week or two of release a beta. Don’t get attached to your saves just yet.

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